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Bulletin August 14-21, 2016

Synaxarion for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Ancient tradition tells us and our own faith assures us of what the Church has solemnly proclaimed:  the Virgin Mary has entered, body and soul, into heaven.  After her death the  Virgin Mother of God, without undergoing corruption, has entered heaven, by a special     privilege of God, with her body glorified as was her Son’s.  As God has preserved her from the stain of original sin, made her a mother and yet preserved her as a virgin, so also has he brought her to himself in her integral human nature of body and soul.  The origins of this feast are very ancient and date to a period some time before the six century.  Although it has been an ancient tradition to venerate the   bodies of the saints, there never has been any mention of there being any veneration to the body of the Virgin.  This is an added witness to the truth of the bodily assumption of the Virgin Mary. This feast is   celebrated in the Churches of both East and the West under a variety of titles. May our Virgin Mother intercede for us and may her prayers     protect us.  Amen.

(Text taken from the Synaxarion/Commentary of Ramsho (Evening Prayer) for the Feast of the Assumption).  This was written by Archbishop Francis Zayek.
August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, is a holy day.  The Divine Liturgy will be offered at 12 noon and 7 p.m. on Monday, the 15th.

The next festival meeting is Thursday August 18th at 7pm in the Lebanon room. If you are interested in a festival     sponsorship or know of a business that might be interested please contact the rectory for a  sponsorship form. Every Sunday until the festival we will be selling booth tickets and raffle tickets after Sunday liturgy. You may also contact the rectory for tickets.  A few booths are in need of donations:
Cake Booth: Cakes
Dessert Booth: Pies, cookies, brownies, etc.
Spin to Win: Home Accents
Let’s continue to work together as a parish to make the festival a success!

From the Parish Administrator
”…in your hearts reverence Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence;”               1 Peter 3:15 Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Dear Parishioners,
I have received a number of very encouraging and supportive comments from many people over this past week.  Bishop Zaidan has been very supportive and reassuring to me; Bishop Shaheen has been very supportive as well.  Many parishioners have emailed, texted, called or spoken with me and all have offered their support likewise.  I take this opportunity to thank all of you.  Being appointed administrator was not something I anticipated.  When Archbishop Zayek ordained me a subdeacon in 1977 and again when Bishop Shaheen ordained me a deacon in 2005, I signed an oath of fidelity and obedience to the bishop and to his successors.  So when Bishop Zaidan said he was appointing me as the administrator I accepted it willingly.  When the Bishop appoints a new rector, I will accept the revocation of my appointment just as willing and perhaps, may I add, “joyfully”.
As the Bishop mentioned in his letter, St. Raymond Cathedral Parish is important to him.  He has chosen to take the time necessary to select the right priest for us.  I am fully confident that he will do that and I will trust his judgement.  I ask that you trust him as well.  I do not know when that decision will be made.
You all form a core of dedicated, faithful and hardworking parishioners.  We can accomplish pretty much anything we put our minds to and our hands together to do.
The Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council will be having a joint meeting on Tuesday, August 23. If you have any concerns or suggestions for the Parish feel free to speak directly with any one of the members listed below.  They will be happy to raise them at the meeting.  We may not be able to solve every problem immediately, but we may be able to move forward in addressing some of our more pressing needs.
Thank you and may the Lord bless us all.
Deacon Lou Peters
Parish Administrator

Finance Committee
Linda Hill
Michael Hurley
John Jabouri
Mary Cohen Ehlen

Parish Pastoral Council    
Dr. Maged Haikal-President
John Simon Jr.
John Jabouri
Jim Ulett
Nina Bouhasin
Mary Anne Powell
Samirah Day
Shawn Nesser
Gina Oesterlei

 Parish Finances August 7th-August 14th

Saturday August 6th  Liturgy: $1,255.50
Sunday August 7th Liturgy: $2,712.00
Feast of the Assumption: $24.00
Maintenance and Repair: $24.00 (Counted in Sat and Sun totals)
Candles: $74.00
Coffee Hour: $135.00
Total: $4,224.50
Income: $4,224.50
Expenses: $3,632.71

 Kitchen Scoop
Monday Rolling Cabbage @ 8 am
Tuesday Making Kibbi Aras @ 8 am
Rolling Grape Leaves Schedule:
Sunday August 21st, Sunday August 28th, and Sunday September 11th after Sunday liturgy.  Also, Thursday August 18th from 4pm-7pm (before the festival meeting). We are four weeks away from the festival and all help is greatly appreciated.
If you would like to volunteer, the kitchen would love to have you. We are preparing for the festival and Wednesday lunches. Please contact Denise Seifert, Kathleen Wahby, or Gina Fanetti. All are welcome and invited to help in the kitchen!

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