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Joseph, the spouse of Mary, lived a life of obscurity and devotion to him suffered the same lot during the first centuries of the Church. However, we find that Jerome praises his virginity: John Chrysostom spoke about his sufferings and his joys. It is said that Helen built a church in his honor at Bethlehem and a feast has been celebrated in his memory by the Eastern Churches since the ninth century.

The Maronite Church celebrates his feast on the fifth Sunday of the Season of Announcement and also on March 19.

From the day of the announcement of Gabriel to Mary and her virginal conception, three months had already passed. During this time, Mary kept silent. Although the consequences could have been disastrous to  her reputation,  her betrothed, or her relative, Elizabeth. She trusted in God and knew that he would reveal the great mystery in his own time and in his own way. The Lord did just this.

When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant, he could not understand how something like this could have happened. Mary continued to be modest, kind and compassionate. Saint Jerome describes Joseph’s confusion. “Joseph, knowing the chastity of Mary and admiring what happened , his in a silence the mystery he was unable to understand.” Just as Mary respected the mystery, so did Joseph. However, he decided that it was his duty to send her away in silence, even though he would have to suffer. They would have to separate rather that unveil the mystery. The Holy Family began with this martyrdom of self in the face of God’s mystery.

God intervened in a dream, which Joseph did not doubt as coming from heaven. God told Joseph that Mary was pregnant through the power of the Holy  Spirit. He also gave Joseph his role as the “father” of the family: “Mary will give birth and you will call him Jesus.” This child will deliver people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). A great responsibility was given to Joseph and, like Mary, he accepted the will of God.

Joseph was called to be the humble servant of God, Jesus and Mary. He would do all his duties in silence. He would serve, protect, provide and die before even seeing a miracle. His entire life became one of love, immolation, sacrifice, work and self-effacement.

He would take Mary to Bethlehem, flee to Egypt, bring Jesus and Mary out of Egypt, look for Jesus in the Temple-and die in silence. This was his mission and he accomplished it because he trusted God.

Joseph has often been compared to the Joseph of the Old Testament, the son of Jacob. As Joseph of the Old Testament saved Egypt and its neighbors, may the Joseph of the New Testament  save the Church and all those who come to him. “Go to Joseph. He has the riches of the king!  The King has entrusted to him the distribution of his goods!”



LET’S GO BLUES! The Saint Raymond’s Men’s Society is having a night out at the Blues game. The game is on Thursday January 8th at 7 pm against the San Jose Sharks. Tickets are $27.00. Please consider bringing your sons or grandchildren and/or a friend to the game. We will meet at Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar located at 1017 Russell Blvd at 5:01 sharp for dinner and drinks and they will shuttle us to the game and back. Please contact Scott Elking at (314)267-3002 or scott@caryep.com to reserve your tickets.

Breakfast with Santa was a huge success. Sincere thanks to Mrs. Robbyn Wahby and her committee for a job well done. Thank you also to the Men’s Society for cooking and to all those who helped behind the scenes setting up and cleaning up. A special thank you to Santa and Mrs. Clause for making the day a good memory for many children! Mark your calendars for next year. Breakfast with Santa will be held on December 6, 2015



The 2015 calendars are available in the vestibule of the church.  The Catholic Extension calendars are with the Maronite setting.  Sincere thanks to Kutis Funeral home for their complimentary Roman calendars. Please help yourselves.



There will be no Faith and Heritage classes on December 28th and January 4th. They will resume January 11th. Have a blessed holiday Season.

The hall will be closed Wednesday, December 24th and Wednesday,  December 31st for the Christmas Season. We will reopen Wednesday, January 7, 2015.
Beginning Monday December 15th, the Christmas novena will be prayed at St. Raymond’s every evening at 7:00 PM. On Saturday December 20th the novena will be prayed following the 5 pm Liturgy and Sunday December 21st  the novena will be prayed following the 11 am Liturgy. The last day of the novena will be Tuesday December 23rd. This is a good way to prepare ourselves spiritually for the coming of Our Savior. Please make every effort to attend and bring a friend or family member.


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