Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On Sunday September 7th the Faith and Heritage classes began for the year. Those of you who have not registered your children, please do so this week or bring your children next Sunday. Classes take place between 10:00 am and 10:45 am. Registration forms and calendars are available in the vestibule. Please take one on your way out.


Maronite Young Adults (MYA) meeting Wednesday September 24th in the Lebanon room at 7:00 pm All young adults are invited to participate.


MYO kickoff Saturday September 20th. All youth ages 13-18 are invited for a day of fun, service, and reflection. Join us from 1:30-6 pm followed by the festival. Meet in the Lebanon room. Parents please join us for 5:00 mass.



A sincere thank you to those of you who have already given: M/M John Simon, Diana Deeba, Dr. & Mrs. Dan Abodeely, M/M Frank Ehlen, Milad Abounader, Shirley Milford, Dr. & Mrs. John Bouhasin in memory of Josephine Bouhasin, Helene Gazall, Lorraine Jaboor, Linda Hill, M/M Roger Sholy, M/M Lou Wright, M/M Terry Rask,  M/M Mike Banovz, Jamie Jabouri, Donna Thomas,  M/M Hoppy Randazzo,  M/M Robert Rapp, a donor, Sis McGuire, Marie Kallial, M/M Elias Hitti, Elizabeth Wolff, M/M John Jabouri, Midwest Produce,  M/M Mike Thomas, Raymond Gazall, M/M Don Leong,  Leroy Wilson, M/M Guy Gendron,  Patricia Webbe, M/M Michael Day, Dr. Maged Haikal, M/M Michael Woodling,  M/M Thomas McDermott, Merry Kweiter

We are also thankful to our sponsors:


North American Montessori-Child Care, Inc.

Kenricks Meats & Catering

Midwest Cardiovascular, Inc.,

Scholwalter & Jabouri, PC

John Bouhasin, Jr. Attorney at Law



We kindly ask you to please clean off your tables/trays during

coffee hour after both liturgies as we have no porters on that day.

We are grateful for your




Today’s feast is one of the greatest feasts of the Eastern Churches. It is frequently mentioned in ecclesiastical writings and always has as its object the triumph of Christ, his resurrection, and the veneration of the holy cross, the sign of his victory over death. The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was first instituted in order to commemorate the dedication of the Church of the Resurrection on September 13, 335. The Emperor Constantine built this church and the one in Bethlehem and they are both in existence today. The Church of the Resurrection had five naves protected the sanctuary of the sepulcher or tomb of Christ. The date of September 13 was chosen in order to supplant the pagan feast of the Temple of Jupiter in Rome.

The second historical event which is the source of our present feast was the return of the holy cross to Jerusalem under Emperor Heracilius. The wood of the cross had been preserved in the Church of the Resurrection until May 4, 614 when the Persians captured Jerusalem, burned the Church of the Resurrection  and carried off the cross. After the victory of Emperor Jeracilus over the Persians, the cross was returned to Jerusalem on September 14, 628.

On this day the Maronite Church celebrates the Rite of the Cross, which is a service of adoration of the cross, the sign of our salvation. This feast which comes at the end of the annual liturgical cycle is also directed toward the second coming of Christ, who carries his cross of the readings and prayers of the seven weeks which follow and which close the liturgical year. Adoration and honor to the cross of our Savior! Glory and Praise to Christ our God, for ever! Amen.


St. Raymond’s Festival
Please make every effort to participate in giving a hand for one or two hours during this period in preparation for the Festival:
Monday, September 15 at 10 am—prepare “Kafta” for Saturday meal.
Wednesday September 17th at 4 pm till ?? - prepare “chicken” for Saturday meal.
Friday September 19th 8:30am-4 pm preparation of tabouli and getting other dishes packed for Saturday meal.
Saturday and Sunday we need help in every area, especially the kitchen to prepare the last items for the festival.   GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


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