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The second Sunday of the Season of Announcement

commemorates the announcement to Mary that she is

to be the Mother of God. The feast actually recalls two

aspects of the same salvific mystery: the incarnation of

the divine Word and the motherhood of Mary. For this

reason, the feast was given different names according

to the aspect which was being emphasized. With time,

the incarnation of the Son of God was stressed on the

feast of the Birth of our Lord and today’s feast

became a Marian feast.

In addition to this second Sunday of the Season of

Announcement, the Maronite Church celebrates the

Annunciation of March 25th. The feast of the Annunciation appeared in the West, in Italy, during the fifth century, and was eventually adopted by the Maronite Church.

This great announcement to Mary, the fulfillment of the promises of the prophets, took place in the humble home of Mary in Nazareth. At the time, Mary was probably between fourteen and sixteen. Again it was Gabriel, the messenger of the end times, who brought the wonderful message to the young girl.

In many ways, the announcement to Mary can be compared to the announcement to Zechariah. Both apparitions took place during the day and both Zechariah and Mary were to be found at prayer. Mary, the Queen, is speaking with her Lord in her own home. It was necessary for Zechariah to go to the Temple and encounter the Lord in the holy of holies. When the angel appeared to Zechariah, he was described as “standing.” During the announcement to Mary, the angel greets her with signs of respect, gives her the good news and departs. He is not described as “standing.” The angel himself praises Mary, “you have found favor with God.”

In the name of all humanity, Mary consented to be the instrument through which salvation was to be brought into the world. One recalls Eve, who consented to bring darkness and sin into the world. With Mary, the New Eve, salvation history is at a turning point. She is to be the “Mother of the Light.”

 Breakfast with Santa tickets go on sale following Sunday liturgy! Adults $15, Children $5. Breakfast with Santa will be held Sunday, December 15, 10 a.m., immediately following 9 a.m. Mass."The Raffle tickets will also be on sale. Proceeds from the raffle tickets help offset the cost of this wonderful event. Need not be present to win.
We need help converting the Cedars into a Winter Wonderland, December 14th at 8 am. All volunteers welcome! If you have any questions,please contact Robbyn Wahby at or 314-374-8339."
The invitations for Msgr. Moussa ordination were mailed this past week to all parishioners. If any of you did not get an invitation, please contact the Rectory at 314-621-0056.  Please send your replies as soon as possible.
The Ladies Society will hold their Christmas party on Thursday, December 5th at 6 pm at Bartolino’s Osteria on Hampton Ave. Tickets are $27 per person. Anyone interested in attending may call Pat Busekrus at 314-920-2573.
The Men’s Society will hold their Christmas party on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:30 pm and will serve St. Louis style barbeque prepared by the folks at Pappy’s Smokehouse. We would like everyone to try and get their sons or nephews to attend, if they are college age or older. We will send out an email for people to RSVP so we can order enough food. If you are not receiving our emails currently, please contact David Wahby at or Mike Hurley at As always, men’s society will sponsor the meal, but will accept donations to offset the cost, however your attendance is what we consider most important. Please make an effort to attend this meeting, as well as, to help create interest in the men’s society among young men in our parish. Thank you
On Tuesday, December 31, 2013 we will have a New Years Eve Party at the Cedars Hall. Tickets will be available for sale next weekend after all masses, They are $75 per person. More details will be mailed to everyone next week. I hope many of you will consider joining us at St. Raymond’s.
Start your Thanksgiving Day by attending 10 am
Liturgy at St. Raymond’s and give thanks to the Lord.

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